About Us


The School of Sports Science and Physical Education is responsible for the center of sport economics and sport management, department of physical education, department of recreation activities, department of elite athletes and center of sport facilities and venues.

Physical Education and Recreation

Physical education includes teaching physical activities, sports skills and physical fitness to all students. There are 14 courses designed for freshman and sophomore. Sport and related services are set for all on campus, including special student groups such as elite athletes, person with disability, injury and disease. A vast variety of sport courses are also opened for students of the upper grade who do not have P.E. regular classes.



The department of recreation is responsible for managing and coaching recreational and sport clubs, we help those students to develop their interests and skills in the clubs. There are various events, games and performances are held on and outside campus, include the annual SWUFE Games, the Talent Show and the “Guanghua” Cup series.


Elite Athletes

Our school is approved to be the training center of the elite athletes. There are basketball, aerobics, tennis and soccer teams; we are also proud that our athletics are doing better and better performance in the different competition levels throughout the universities in China (including national university games 2 gold medals, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes).


Sport Facilities and Events

Our sports venues are with a total area of 152,358 square meters on two campuses. We service teachers and students for the regular P.E. classes, sports training, group competitions, and extracurricular exercise. In addition, our school sports venues successively undertake a large number of national games like aerobics, swimming, soccer, chess, volleyball. We also play as the home of some of the elite sports team from Sichuan, for instance, we held the 2015 Sichuan CUBA games.


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